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Julie's earrings and necklaces

Last year I had the pleasure to meet Julie and Robin. A lovely couple who had purchased a few very unique and beautiful opals in Australia while the world was going into lockdown at a fast pace.

They wanted to compliment the opals' natural beauty with simple silver and gold bezel settings. The gold bezels were made from some of the customers' heirlooms which melted beautifully into an ingot.

Working with opals is always challenging as the stones are quite soft and cannot handle heat. This project really tested my problem-solving abilities, especially the bigger necklace, which holds a very unique opal. All sides are angled so a normal bezel wouldn't work and I could not risk soldering the bezel with the stone in place. I'm so glad that lasers and PUK welders exist, they do really help with challenging projects.

Hope you enjoy watching a bit of the process and seeing the final outcomes.

Ana xx

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