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All products are handmade at Ana Simoes studio in South Devon hence all pieces are unique. The variations of colour and form are a characteristic of the work and a signature of Ana Simoes Jewellery.

Ana Simoes pieces are mainly made in 9ct, 14ct and 18ct and set with unique gemstones and natural stones ethically outsourced.

The customer is responsible for the care of the purchased products. The information below are general instructions to keep your jewellery pieces clean and in good condition:

1. All jewellery should be removed when engaging in practical activities such as gardening, sports, household cleaning and more.

2. Some beauty products can react with precious metals and stones, please apply any creams and perfumes before put on your jewellery.

3. All jewellery should be stored in jewellery boxes and pouches and away from humid and damp environments.

4. Jewellery should be cleaned regularly with a soft toothbrush, liquid soap and warm water. Take extra care if cleaning pearls; a non acid liquid soap should be used so pearls don't loose their lustre. 

Please be aware that Ana Simoes sets all stones securely and we cannot be held responsible for lost stones. If you notice stone movement after the item is purchased please contact us immediately so we can analyse the issue. Most of the stones used by Ana Simoes are unique hence we can not guarantee a duplicate but we will try our best to find the perfect match.

Please be aware that all fine jewellery settings should be checked occasionally by us or your local jeweller. 

All matte and textured metals will become shinier with time, this is a natural process caused by regular wear. If you would like us to texture your jewellery again, please contact us

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