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Please try to provide the correct ring size when purchasing a ring from us. If you are not aware of your ring size you can approach your local jeweller who can measure your finger professionally, or please contact Ana to request a plastic ring gauge for a more accurate result. 

Most of our rings can be resized after purchase. If the wrong ring size is purchased we offer a one time free of charge resizing service. However, if the ring needs to be resized again there is a surcharge of £30 plus delivery.

The table below can be used as reference to measure rings and fingers but please be aware that ring sizing should be done by a professional and with the correct tools. Alternatively please see our ring sizing guide to print


Bangles are sized by their diameter. In order to measure your bangle size please measure your hand with a soft measuring tape by placing your fist on a flat surface. Please measure the distance between the middle of the first knuckle to the middle of the fourth knuckle and compare it to the table below. 


Inside diameter.jpg
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